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Hard Labor Creek Plantation

Press Releases and Testimonials

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Press Releases

Hunt For The Holy Quail
Panama City New Herald - January 21, 2012

It is a phrase that stops conversation in its tracks, puts all senses on alert and starts the adrenaline flowing.

The quail hunter who hears, "We got one on point," is the equivalent of the Daytona 500 fan who hears, "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

It is that moment a trained dog, running freely, never slowing and always sniffing abruptly freezes, its tail straight out and, on a good point, a front foot in the air, his nose pointed at the prey.

If a good shot follows you might remember it but over time it is the working of the dogs and the fellowship of the hunt that remains.

That was my experience a week ago after I was invited on a quail hunt at Hard Labor Creek Plantation by Ted Everett, who owns the 2,600-acre hunting and fishing preserve south of Chipley. He hosts Bobwhite Quail hunts, fishing, other activities like an annual dirt-bike race.

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A Royal Passion - Bobwhite Quail
850 Magazine - October/November 2011 Cover Story

TV hunting show shoots in Washington County
Pensacola News Herald - January 12, 2009

June 2006: Everett Named Forest Conservationist of the Year
Ted Everett, owner of Hard Labor Creek Plantation, is recognized for his passion and care of the woodlands.

Hunt For The Holy Quail
Panama City New Herald Hunt at Hard Labor Creek Plantation With Dez Young

Photos By Panama City News Herald

Hard Labor of Love by Larry Chesney
Sporting Classics Magazine

Hard Labor Creek Plantation has hosted to the following TV Hunting Shows:

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Customer Testimonials

Listen to what other people have said about Hard Labor Creek Plantation.  These are all written testimonials that customers have mailed to us.

Florida quail huntingTed,
We had a great day yesterday on the airstrip. This was Brian's first time shooting quail and he enjoyed it. Had some neat moments with my older setter TK including the longest retrieve I've ever seen to cap off the day. Even got a couple of wild birds. Here's a pic training the puppy Merle.


Nick and I sure enjoyed the half day quail hunt yesterday. The weather was perfect and Jerry and his bird dogs did a great job putting us on several coveys of some fast flying quail. Jerry's dogs were good at finding the singles too. This really brought back some great memories for me when I used to hunt with my father in the 60's and 70's. This was my sons first live bird hunt which he said he thoroughly enjoyed.

This was the first bird hunt for the Benelli SBE II which I was using paired up with Western universal 2- 3/4 in 1- 1/8 oz #8 shells. This was a great combination for bringing down the quail without too much damage to the meat. Also, for those customers you have asking about hearing protection - I used the Ear-Pro EP-5 flanged ear plugs which cuts down 26 dB of shotgun blast but still allows conservation with your guide and hunting party. They worked great and I left them in for the whole hunt.

Thanks to you and your staff for a great time,
Joel & Nick

Well, it's (almost) fall in Florida, and we were the first hunt group out at HLC this season. It was a wonderful, if a little warm, time out: great cover, and the best flying plantation birds I've ever seen! We did two unguided hunts, worked 6 dogs, and each had a get-tired time. The birds were better birds than we are hunters, but we got enough in the bag for supper and to take home. Hospitality from host Ted was gracious and friendly, and, best of all, there was a really nice fellow to clean birds after the hunt. That's just no fun, after you're tired, so it was a real treat. We stayed at the lodge, which is spacious and beautifully appointed. Everything is there that I usually forget to bring, so that was a pleasant surprise and shows thought on the part of the host and staff. Great time, highly recommended, and we'll be back. Thanks Ted!


I would like to thank you for a wonderful time all of us had this past weekend at Hard Labor Plantation. The atmosphere was outstanding and the lodge was excellent. All of the people that represented your establishment were professionals. I and many others are looking forward to visiting you again in the future. Please tell all of the men thank you from Jaguar Technologies for a first class outing that we will remember for a long time. 

Thank you again, 
Tim Schreiber 
Jaguar Technologies, Inc. 

Dear Ted,

I wanted to take a moment to write you a somewhat belated thank you note for the wonderful time we had on your place in February.

Your property is truly world-class.  The property itself is magnificent, and your love for it can be clearly seen as you drive about the place.  The A-frame cabin you offered for accommodations is beautiful, and the most sumptuously appointed "hunting lodge" I've ever stayed in.
Florida quail hunting preserve

The woods you will be hunting in at Hard Labor 
Creek Hunting Preserve

You have, as you probably know, the only place in the country where whitetail deer can be hunted in February.  You also have a great deer population, and the aggressive management techniques you have in place are producing some really good deer, evidence of which is on my wall as I write this, in the form of a beautiful 8-pointer that I took the last day of our trip.

The quail hunting you offer takes me back to my youth in rural SC.  I grew up hunting quail, but have never been to a commercial operation that can duplicate a wild quail hunt with pen-raised birds and bring it off.  You succeeded admirably.  The two pointers that your guide, Bobby provided may be the best two dogs that I have ever hunted over.

All-in-all a truly wonderful experience for all of us in our party.  Thank you for your matchless hospitality, and look forward with great anticipation to seeing you again.

Duane Price
Hartsville, South Carolina

"The only thing strenuous at Hard Labor Creek Plantation is deciding what to do.  Well-maintained food plots and comfortable stands welcome the deer hunter, classic southern piney woods and excellent bird dogs will remind quail hunter of yesteryear, and a quiet bass lake tempts even the non-angler.  If that's not enough, the comfortable lodge ties everything together as a place to recount the day's events."

Walt Rhodes
McClellanville, South Carolina

Dear Ted,

I would like to say Hard Labor Creek Plantation is a beautiful piece of land, well cared for and managed.  Accommodations were first class, from the A-frame house to the 85-acre lake most impressive, it was hard to say goodbye.  I was able to do something that I had never done before, hunt quail behind dogs, our guide Bobby was a great teacher, it was truly special.  From deer in February to quail hunting and bass fishing, Hard Labor Creek Plantation has it all.  Thanks again for the great weekend, I will see you next year.

Jerry R. Dail
Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Dear Ted,

I know from my experiences in business that you rarely get feedback, and when you do, it is usually bad.

However, I feel you need to hear first hand what a wonderful operation I think you have in Chipley.  When I visited with Mark Davis last weekend, I had a blast.  My only problem was that I was not able to stay to experience the quail shoot.  Mark told me that it was at least as good as the rest of the visit...I'm sick with envy.

I love to see operations like yours continue to grow and prosper.  And I would love to be of assistance in any way possible.  If there is anything that I can ever do for your business, or you personally, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks again for a great experience.

Paul Wood
Shakespeare Fishing Tackle Division

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